Russ Barnes is an exquisite anomaly. He is a brother whose very presence causes a shift in the paradigm because while others work on the exterior to attract attention to self, Russ uses his sizeable stature to draw us in to the light. He is a powerful juxtaposition of brains, brawn, and brotherhood, a civilized superhero whose primary power is his instrument - part blaring horn, part soothing sitar - which he uses with the love and purpose of a musical modern-day Robin Hood, taking from the Infinite and giving to the poor of spirit.

This is not a tale of Stevie Wonder-inspired vocals, though they were brewed in the same cauldron that birthed such manna as Songs In The Key of Life. This is not a comparative analysis of his similarities to Richie Havens and Ben Harper and Bill Withers, though they all share the power to tell tales of struggle and simplicity from a place called truth. This is... read the full bio



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